Bank Fee Analysis with Vallstein

Global bank relationship metrics for visibility and targeted spending

As a corporate treasurer, you oversee all your organization’s banking needs. You orchestrate the optimum bank portfolio and pull the strings to make sure you have all the markets covered. But do you really know how much these efforts are costing you?  How much money do you spend on banking fees? And are you really getting the best deal? Many banks still provide bank service bills on paper or provide proprietary service codes to list services and fees. This makes it nearly impossible for corporate treasurers to produce accurate metrics on global bank relationships. However, having these figures at your disposal is a game changer.

Time to find out where you stand and get a handle on your bank fee spending!

Complementing BELLIN’s powerful global payments solutions, bank fee analysis extends the visibility provided by tm5 to the relationship between corporate and bank. Together with our partner Vallstein, leading provider of Bank Relationship Management (BRM) solutions, we facilitate the Vallstein Bank Fee Analysis Service. Gain an overview of all the bank fees you’re paying and receive invaluable metrics for your treasury management. Thanks to a standardization of bank fee statements and service codes brought about by electronic banking, readily available data in tm5 and straightforward processes, you can now apply the same visibility you have over cash flows to bank fee structures. This enables you to track services and transactions, forecast bank fees, create what-if analysis scenarios and execute bank relationship management strategies.

Time to optimize your global bank relationship management. Enter the world of structured bank fee analysis now!

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