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In recent years, turbulent markets and an insecure and unstable political climate have been putting heavy pressure on corporates to have their eyes on the ball at all times, to be able to act in an instant, but also to subject their figures to thorough scrutiny to underpin long-term strategies and remain competitive.

Market data is a crucial factor and allows you to know the latest prices, monitor historical trends and use them to make predictions for the future. Nothing like the right infrastructure and the best-in-class market data providers to rise to the occasion!

BELLIN, in cooperation with trusted third parties, offers fully integrated market data in tm5, so you can brace the markets from the comfort of your own TMS. Use market data for calculations, analyses, valuations or reporting in tm5 and benefit from the most comprehensive scope in terms of quantity and quality.

Infront Data Packages

In cooperation with Infront, BELLIN offers two dedicated market data packages that enable you to import data directly in tm5. Get access to EUR FX spot rates and ECB reference rates, interest rates based on IBOR or broker data, interest swap rates and LIBOR rates for certain currencies.


Infront Basic Market Data Package   Infront+ Market Data Package
Interest rates based on IBORs   Interest rates based on IBORs and LIBOR data
EUR FX spot rates and ECB reference rates   EUR FX spot rates and ECB reference rates
Broker data   Broker data
Interest rate swaps   Interest rate swaps

Bloomberg Market Data Converter

Bloomberg Market Data Converter is a service that enables you to convert Bloomberg market data files into tm5 market data import files and to process them directly. BELLIN connects to the Bloomberg server to retrieve mar­ket data files on your behalf.


Supported data types:

  • FX rates
  • Interest
  • Implied volatilities
  • Commodities

What do you need to stay on top of capital and financial market trends? Let us talk you through our market data options and find the right fit for your business!

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