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The tm5 Report Designer: the perfect synergy between treasury and business intelligence

Three crucial aspects underpin good treasury reporting: timeliness, transparency and clear presentation of data. BELLIN’s tm5 Report Designer is your complete treasury reporting solution, providing flexible, timely and targeted reports via a cloud-based functionality fully integrated in tm5. It offers:

  • Easy organization, calculation and charting of data
  • Reports and dashboards embedded in tm5
  • Automated email distribution based on predefined schedules
  • BI Connector for connection to other systems

Data models, standard reports and customization

Use fully integrated data models and standard reports to visualize and present the most important treasury data at the touch of a button. Or choose from several customization options to create your own reports or let us create them for you.

Your benefits at a glance

Timely data

The Report Designer draws on real-time data in tm5 for the entire company, seamlessly integrated into your treasury reporting at the click of a button.

Full data transparency

The Report Designer in tm5 makes important treasury data and metrics available to other systems across the company.

Clear, simple visualization

The Report Designer allows you to visualize and present data so that it can be easily read and understood by decision-makers.

The tm5 Report Designer will be available soon.

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