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Enrich decision-making through data visualization
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Every company has its own DNA in treasury. BELLIN Vantage enables you to obtain unique insights into your business through powerful visualization tools that extrapolate key data metrics. Take an informed view of cash, debt, investments, FX and derivative contract data.

Advantages of BELLIN Vantage in tm5

  • Leverage BELLIN consulting expertise and best practice in the interpretation of data and report design
  • Enjoy real-time reporting with full integration – data feeds off tm5 database directly
  • View a group-wide picture of financial status at-a-glance
  • Customize user access within treasury, restricting visibility of business-critical functions and reports to authorized staff
  • Drill down to underlying tm5 page views
  • Access custom-designed widgets based on the unique requirements of your business
  • Incorporate data from external sources in customized widgets
  • Schedule e-mail delivery of reports to both tm5 users and non-tm5 users alike
  • Schedule email delivery of treasury reports in a variety of formats including on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Quickly and easily visualize key financial data

When it comes to reporting, you need more than a generic treasury management tool – you need your TMS to have a dedicated reporting element. Our software is infused with consultation expertise to perform business-critical reporting tasks while pulling out the crucial data you need from the morass of numbers that a treasury operation must eyeball every day. We let you generate real-time reports that incorporate all of your account balances and outstanding financial instruments. What you get is a comprehensive overview of your corporation’s financial status. Our dashboard, custom reporting and scheduled email reporting form part of a social treasury model where information is shared with ease across all your business operations.

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