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Supporting your treasury management from all angles

As a treasurer, you spend each and every day on the front lines of the global financial and economic markets, juggling multiple day-to-day responsibilities and weighing up business-critical decisions. Using a treasury management system goes a long way towards making your invaluable work that bit more structured, informed and efficient. A smart move – but why not go one step further? At BELLIN, we support your treasury efforts and help you expand on them, not just through software but by offering a number of accompanying services, including SWIFT connectivity, project management, market data or cloud services. “Behind-the-scenes” of our treasury platform, you have access to an impressive array of services designed to support, streamline or automate your treasury processes.

Aggregated Treasury Power

The BELLIN mission is all about making a fundamental difference in the world of corporate finance and leading treasuries around the globe forward. How do we achieve that? By devoting ourselves to easy-to-use, accessible and functional solutions and by connecting people and organizations!

So while BELLIN focuses on its own strength and expertise for many of our services and functionalities, we also work together with partners who are specialists in their own right to expand and support your treasury efforts. These partners complement our offering in a targeted and advantageous manner: whether it is SWIFT connectivity and bank directory data, several market data options and custom hedge accounting solutions or SAP integration – we give you aggregated treasury power.

We have the who’s who in finance on board to offer you the complete package! We're saving you a spot.

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