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Treasury management without the corresponding system support? Unthinkable in today’s challenging and competitive business environment! Working with a dedicated treasury management system such as tm5 makes your work life as a treasurer that bit more efficient.

But what if you could make workflows even more systematic and methodical by eliminating repetitive user actions and automating processes? This is what you can achieve with BELLIN Process Automation (BPA). Let the BPA automation client take over scheduled tasks and assume the role of a user:

  • Log in to tm5
  • Perform predefined actions
  • Log off from tm5

Your system will confirm the completion of any automated tasks, flag any processes that require user verification and alert you to any irregularities. So ease of use does not come at the expense of security, control or accuracy!

You can choose from a wide range of standard BPA services including:

  • Market data import
  • Account statement import
  • Account statement export
  • Bulk payment import
  • 360T file import
  • EMIR reporting

Fast-forward your treasury management and reap the benefits of process automation. Let us talk you through your options.

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