BELLIN Matching Service

Digital, speedy and conclusive confirmation matching

Contract management can be hard to keep track of. Many corporate treasuries struggle to match their trades with banks or subsidiaries in the increasingly narrow time frames brought on by tightened regulations and the ever more dynamic and competitive nature of the markets they operate in. What used to be done “old school” by postal mail has gained a whole new urgency in recent years: some trades now need to be confirmed within 24 hours, decidedly throwing any analog options out the window. As a treasurer, you can no longer afford to spend time on non-electronic processes that are prone to error and can cost you money and put you in danger of non-compliance.

A globally deployed, fully integrated and digital contract matching service has become a must. We present: the BELLIN Matching Service.

The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) has considerably upped the ante for corporates when it comes to derivative reporting. We are aware that manual processes no longer cut it, so we offer you full automation with the fully integrated EMIR Service. Enjoy straightforward derivative reporting directly in your TMS!

Directly integrated into tm5’s TT module, the BELLIN Matching Service enables electronic matching of trade confirmations for FX and money market deals. Communicating through the SWIFT SCORE Network, it uses MT300, MT305 und MT320 (FIN) type messages to send confirmations to your counterparties, returning their responses to your BIC. Create and send electronic messages to your connected banks to confirm transactions and collect confirmation messages in return. This automates the confirmation process, replacing paper-based workflows and integrating tasks that previously required processing outside of your TMS. If mismatches do occur, they are highlighted on your FX and money market reports so that you can confirm details with your counterparties. The BELLIN Matching Service boosts efficiency, enables straight-through processing and helps you keep up with regulations.

Optimize your contract management with:

  • Full integration in tm5, available from any office, in any location, independent of your trade channel
  • Digitization of previously paper-based processes
  • Status messages indicating whether transactions and confirmations match
  • Regulatory compliance

Shed the paper and go digital! Get your BELLIN Matching Service today!

There is much more to SWIFT connectivity than matching. Share the cost of the setup and leverage the full SWIFT potential by making use of other message types, including payment processing and account statement collection. All through one connection!

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