Treasury Aggregators (Bank Connectivity Solutions)

Utilizing treasury technology to maximize cash management and security.

Treasurers are aware of the expanding volume of responsibilities involved in their day-to-day. Despite this, funds transfers remain a key duty for treasury, and one of the more tedious tasks at that. Taking this into account, treasury practitioners find themselves rummaging for solutions to streamline or automate as many payment workflows as possible. The goal: to allocate more of their time to roles that focus on strategy rather than execution.

Strategic Treasurer’s newest installation in their annual analyst report, “Treasury Aggregators (Bank Connectivity Solutions),” highlights data and insight derived from numerous industry surveys and discussions and several key factors driving change in the Treasury Aggregation landscape. The report also highlights BELLIN tm5 as a leader in the industry, providing a range of solutions including cash management, banking, netting, and much more. A contextual understanding is essential, and the guide covers the following key topics:

What’s inside:

  • Rapid economic globalization and the resulting need for a quick and efficient global connectivity framework.
  • Changing payment and financial messaging formats and networks that are forcing corporations to adapt in order to maintain compatibility.
  • Evolving compliance expectations arising from increased threats faced by hackers and criminal organizations.


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