The Treasury and Risk Management Systems (“TRMS”) Analyst Report

Utilizing treasury technology to maximize efficiency.

Treasury technology is increasingly important in the finance industry. Primitive forms of treasury management systems (TMS) were unrealistic for treasurers as they were expensive and had limited functionality. Suffice to say, the industry has experienced significant growth and today, companies of all sizes or market caps can find a solution that fits their needs.

Strategic Treasurer’s newest installation in their annual analyst report, “The Treasury and Risk Management Systems (“TRMS”) Analyst Report ” features BELLIN tm5 in a thorough evaluation of the TMS space by providing the data behind which areas of functionality corporates are planning to invest in, and an explanation of the primary benefits derived through the use of such a solution.  A contextual understanding is essential, and the guide covers the following key topics:

What’s inside:

  • Reasons why TMS are an ideal solution for most treasury departments.
  • Current trends that are unfolding within treasury departments.
  • Key factors that are currently driving change within the TMS industry.
  • Various functionalities contained within the Treasury Management Systems offered on the market today.

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