Treasury & Risk Special Report: 2019 Cash Management Survey

How corporate treasury functions prepare for the cash management challenges of 2020

Treasury & Risk’s 2019 Cash Management Survey looks into “How Corporate Treasuries are Seizing the Moment.” Survey findings underscore that when it comes to cash management, corporate treasury functions are preparing to be subjected to even more clamor, external volatility, fraud, cybersecurity risk, regulatory demands, and talent and technology challenges in the year ahead.

BELLIN takes the analysis one step further and points to a number of easy-to-implement steps that treasurers can take to prepare for the future of cash management. The impact of enhanced automation, machine learning/AI and real-time account information through APIs is evaluated and set against the no. 1 requirement for any company, at any time, with any technology: transparent, accurate and real-time data.

What’s inside:

  • Which factors have had the most impact on cash reserves?
  • How are corporate treasurers responding to external factors, such as market volatility?
  • How can treasury functions be prepared for new cash management technology, such as AI?

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