The expert conference in Frankfurt organized by the consultancy firm Schwabe, Ley & Greiner will focus on cash management at an advanced level. BELLIN is a main sponsor and will also conduct a workshop with client JF Hillebrand

Development of a groupwide payments platform with SWIFT and tm5: one system, one connection, one format!

How to handle 300 banking connection in 35 countries? How to maintain the overview over cash and accounts with decentralized payments? And how can the employees of 64 companies in 35 countries work with one central platform? These are the questions the treasury of JF Hillebrand Group, market leader with a number of highly specialized logistics companies worldwide, was faced with. The answer: “one system, one connection, one format,” integrated into the establishment of a groupwide payments platform with SWIFT and tm5. 

Ralf-Jörg Weigold, Vice President Global Treasury and Financing at JF Hillebrand Group, and Dario Simic, Implementation Manager at BELLIN, give an account of the strategic steps JF Hillebrand and BELLIN have undertaken and what still lies ahead of them.

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