The End of the one ERP system strategy

The Global Treasurer | Axel Goedecke | Apr 2018

In this article, Axel Goedecke outlines why corporates who want to achieve global reach, transparency and efficiency should rather focus on a one treasury management system strategy than on a one ERP system strategy, which might appear compelling in theory but does not live up to reality.


The First Twenty Years

CEO insight | Henry Martin | Mar 2018

As BELLIN celebrates its twentieth anniversary, CEO Insight has published an article about BELLIN’s journey over two decades outlines how BELLIN has been pivotal in elevating the importance of the treasury function.


Optimizing cash management with a virtual account structure

Bobsguide | Frank Song | Mar 2018

In this article, Frank Song outlines that services such as physical cash sweeps and notional cash pooling have allowed corporates to achieve optimal account structures that minimize fees while allowing efficiencies in accounting and control. He discusses the concept of virtual accounts, a...


The common denominator: the must-consider-aspects of a treasury management system implementation

Katja Franz | The Global Treasurer | Mar 2018

In this article, Katja Franz explains the issues and requirements in connection with treasury management system implementation that are of importance to all companies and that transcend customer specifics.


Martin Bellin: From Treasury Vision to Treasury Mission

Henry Martin | CEO Insight | Mar 2018

CEO Insight has published a profile of Martin Bellin – telling his story as former treasurer turned treasury management system entrepreneur and innovator. Highlighting his career journey to date, the values he lives and works by, his ambitions for the company and vision for treasury.


Shifting the mindset of SMEs to embrace treasury technology is one of our priorities

CFO Brain Interview | Arturo Pallardó | Jan 2018

Martin Bellin outlines how small and medium-sized businesses can make the most of the technology and services offered by Treasruy as a Service, TaaS.


ICRC: Payments on the Frontline

TMI | Jan 2018

BELLIN client, International Committee of the Red Cross – or ICRC – recently appeared in TMI magazine. The case study outlines how the non-profit organization ensures that funds are available for operations in an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment with transparent processes.


The digital fortress

Martin Bellin | fx-mm | Nov 2017

In this article, Martin Bellin talks about how finance departments can be a ‘gateway’ to cyber crime, and how even the most fortified systems can still fall victim to attack. To avoid this, all three pillars of cyber security need to be taken into consideration: people, technology and governance.

Overcoming global transaction banking challenges

Sebastian Niemeyer | bobsguide | Nov 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer introduces the BELLIN Virtual Network Bank and outlines how corporates can identify suitable banking partners and set up relationships with participating banks upfront in a streamlined and standardized way.


The Next Treasury Chapter at HeidelbergCement

David Flory | tmi | Nov 2017

In this tmi article about BELLIN client HeidelbergCement, David Flory, Head of Group Cash Management HeidelbergCement, outlines how his treasury’s priorities have evolved since 2014, when he discussed the evolution of the company’s cash pooling strategy in a similar article.


Corporate Independence

Expert View with Martin Bellin | FX-MM | Sep 2017

In this Expert View article in FX-MM's Intelligent Treasury Special Report, Martin Bellin shares his insights on how technology is revolutionizing treasury management and helping corporates achieve independence from banks. 


Building a virtual network

Sebastian Niemeyer | TreasuryToday | Sep 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer outlines the new virtual network bank concept developed by BELLIN and explains how the solution enables BELLIN’s customers to identify suitable banking partners and set up relationships with participating banks in a streamlined and standardized way.


How to Apply a Virtual Network Bank

tmi | Sep 2017

tmi published a treasury insight article about how BELLIN client Aalberts Industries N.V. applied a virtual network bank for the group in order to achieve an efficient banking structure.


Global Transparency in Banking with the Virtual Network Bank Concept

Sebastian Niemeyer | fxmm | Sep 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer outlines the new BELLIN virtual network bank concept – a groundbreaking new approach in Global Transaction Banking that enables corporate clients to select banks in the countries they require and to assemble a portfolio that exactly meets their needs.


What do you want from your TMS supplier's web-site?

Jack Large | CTMfile | Aug 2017

“It’s Treasurytainment.” on CTMfile (Cash & Treasury Management file –  Source for information, analysis & comment): under the headline “What do you want from your TMS supplier’s web-site?”, Jack Large takes a look at the BELLIN website and its “comprehensive coverage”.


Fraud bad news keeps on coming: the simple structures and processes to protect you

Jack Large | CTMfile | Aug 2017

In his newsletter Jack Large explains how simple structures and processes can protect corporates against cybercrime and fraud and refers to our video on BELLIN TV "Curing the digital disease: How to outwit cybercrime."


Executive Interview with Martin Bellin

tmi | Jul 2017

In this interview with Helen Sanders, Editor, Martin discusses the issue of security, which has become front of mind for corporate treasurers and finance managers globally.


The Power of the Network

Martin Bellin | The Treasurer | May 2017

In this article, Martin Bellin shares his vision for the future of treasury that includes social media as a collaboration tool.


New Avenues for the Future of Treasury

Martin Bellin | CEO Insight | May 2017

Martin Bellin shares his insight on a variety of topics influencing the future of treasury including: digitization and automation, efficiency gains and outsourcing, the importance of group-wide networks, regulations,  new technologies and ultimately building the treasury of tomorrow.


CEO Insight Interview with Martin Bellin

CEO Insight | May 2017

In this interview, Martin BELLIN discusses how BELLIN is championing innovation in treasury, the meaning of “Heimat” and how that translates at BELLIN, the emergence of “social treasury,” and how technology is simply the means to an end in Treasury.