tm5 receives market data from several providers, including from Thomson Reuters and vwd group

tm5 offers multiple options for receiving market data. Data from different providers and different sources can be processed or imported. BELLIN has cooperations with Thomson Reuters and vwd Group, bringing you comprehensive market data about FX rates and interest rates for your treasury management. This data is used for calculations, analyses, valuations and reporting in tm5.

While the vwd Market Data Package focuses on currencies and interest and is particularly strong in terms of its comprehensive scope, the additional Thomson Reuters option offers the possibility to custom-pick 250 market data items, for example FX rates, interest rates, commodity data or share prices from Thomson Reuters (DataScope Select) to meet specific requirements. Both options – the Thomson Reuters and the vwd Market Data Service – are integrated into tm5’s system section and make this data available for treasury functionalities.


Thomson Reuters Market Data

Offers you the flexibility to select the financial market data you need by picking 250 market data items from Thomson Reuter’s data scope (DataScope Select). This custom selection is particularly ideal for specialized, individual requirements. 


vwd Group Data Packages

The Market Data Package gives you access to FX and ECB reference rates, Money Market interest rates based on IBOR, broker data or alternatively LIBOR, as well as swap rates.


  • Over 100 FX and ECB reference rates

  • 27 IBOR rates or broker interest rates

  • Swap rates in 19 currencies

  • Delivery of LIBOR instead of broker interest rates

Both packages enable the calculation of historical volatilities and correlations in tm5 based on processed market data. It is also possible to import implied volatilities.



vwd Market Data Package        Thomson Reuters Market Data
  • Pre-defined FX and interest market data portfolio

  • Comprises comprehensive FX and ECB reference rates, interest rates based on IBOR, broker data or alternatively LIBOR, as well as swap rates

  • Available as vwd Basic Package and vwd+ Package

  • Flexible combination of required financial market data

  • Individual selection of 250 market data items from Thomson Reuters’ data scope (DataScope Select)

  • Customer-specific data file with a maximum of 250 individual data items, for specialized requirements