At BELLIN we have taken treasury management in a new direction.

At BELLIN we’ve developed tm5 to be more than just a treasury management system. Our focus is integration and operational efficiency - connecting all offices, across all subsidiaries and all countries. To do this we have:

  • developed our system around web-based, single-tenant SaaS technology, allowing our system to integrate across your company quickly and with minimal impact.
  • developed tools and features that bring real value to subsidiaries, giving them an active interest in engaging with central treasury.
  • developed highly configurable user rights to ensure that this allows both organizational and functional segregation of duty, at any level of detail required.
  • released tm5 with zero per-user license fees, allowing every member of your corporate group to integrate at no added cost – meaning you never need to worry about the cost of the system increasing as you grow.

By doing this we don’t just provide more features, we enable better treasury solutions, with more accurate, automated data collection, greater compliance to rules and regulations, and enhanced transparency at every stage of your treasury management process. This enables you to cut costs and boost your bottom line, providing funding for all activities quickly and easily.

Cash & liquidity management

Complete information from across your company, delivered quickly, is critical to successfully managing your liquidity. Leveraging SaaS, our no-per-user license model, and our philosophy of LOADBALANCEDTREASURY®, tm5 assures unrivaled cash flow transparency, cash positioning, forecasting, and control. Our system eliminates laborious data gathering, tedious reporting and the time-consuming process of consolidating data, and provides you with the visibility required for more accurate positioning and forecasting on a local and global level.

Dashboards and Reporting

Every company has its own DNA in treasury. BELLIN Vantage enables you to obtain unique insights into your business through powerful visualization tools that extrapolate key data metrics. Take an informed view of cash, debt, investments, FX, and derivative contract data. Advantages of BELLIN Vantage in tm5 Leverage BELLIN consulting expertise and best practice in the...

Global payments

tm5’s global banking solution is a multi-banking portal you can make available to any of your team members, at any subsidiary, worldwide. Multiple logins, tokens, formats and entry screens are history. Instead, you define the access types, limits and roles for each user. In the treasury management system, you can create cross-department and cross-border workflows that are based on treasury processes and not tied to a particular bank or payment system. Get centralized reporting detailing all authorized signatory activity worldwide, and use this information to enhance security and compliance....

Treasury & risk management

As a treasurer you need to continuously collect, analyze and act upon data to protect against currency risk, interest rate volatility, and other exposures. This requires in-depth knowledge of the financial happenings within your corporate group and the mathematical models to predict the potential for future issues. Sadly, many companies never fully integrate their treasury systems across the corporate group, leading to incomplete data and guesswork. tm5 changes this by connecting and integrating every member of your corporate treasury, from central treasury to subsidiary accounting, to...

In-house banking

In-house banking brings your corporation a host of advantages, from centralizing your group-wide payment processes, like Payments on Behalf of (POBO), and both physical and notional cash pooling, to simplification of account structures and efficient hedging and funding. However, they often require massive administration and laborious centralization. tm5’s unique take on in-house banking streamlines this by allowing subsidiary trade requests to central treasury to be initiated, negotiated, and captured directly within the system. Mirror sides of the intercompany deal are tracked in full...

Funding & debt management

Ensuring adequate liquidity requires a complex combination of long-term and short-term financing, often creating a Gordian knot of payment schedules and available credit, forecasts and funding reports. tm5 gives you a single view of debt and funding needs, centralizing information for all subsidiaries worldwide. Gain a truly companywide overview of short- and long-term borrowing, including interest-bearing, fixed, floating rate, amortizing, and more, so you can perform more accurate, more effective liquidity planning. 

FX, commodity & IR exposure management

Cataloging, normalizing and viewing your exposures from FX, commodities and interest rates is one of the greatest challenges to managing your treasury. Whether you have an integrated approach to managing these interconnected risks or they are tracked by separate areas of your company, tm5 and its unlimited user model allows you to track and plan as a team, all on one platform. tm5 keeps it all collected and easy to understand, simplifying auditing and internal process development - making risk transparent. After the planning process is complete, tm5 allows you to retrieve FX and commodity...

Multilateral netting

If your subsidiaries engage in intercompany business and you are not netting your AP/AR, you are throwing your money away. Not only do bank fees and FX deals from multiple accounts cost you over and over and over again, but the process of reconciling millions or billions of dollars worth of transactions eats away at available man-hours. By confirming all invoices before they get settled in the netting center, tm5 structures your intercompany business, combining multiple transactions into a single balance per subsidiary. This leads to improved efficiency in hedging and simplifies your cash...