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Treasury consulting, guidance and implementation services, like companies themselves, come in all shapes and sizes. Our treasury experts offer a range of consulting solutions and premium support tailored to your requirements.

  • Quick turnaround if needed
  • Flexible transition from configuration to implementation support or process consulting
  • Prompt support outside of an active project
  • Various additional services, such as project management or scoping
  • Long-term, in-depth guidance and advice if needed

Consulting and guidance at BELLIN – the key facts

Quick system access

If you choose BELLIN, you will have access to your treasury management system within 48 hours. It’s quick and straightforward.


This is the “Get Started” component. We provide remote support to lead you through system configuration. Your easy, flexible introduction to tm5.

Implementation assistance

Your system is configured. We provide implementation support, take you through the software features and focus on mapping your processes in tm5.

Process and treasury advice

We help you analyze your existing treasury setup, develop best practices and optimize your processes and workflows along with guidelines and policies.

Prompt, on-demand support

With the Advisory-on-Demand Service, you benefit from prompt and dedicated advice that bridges the gap between process consulting and first-level support.

Additional services

With BELLIN, you cover all your bases. Additional consulting services such as scoping workshops, project management or audit support complete the package.

Your options: TMS project or process overhaul

From configuring your treasury management system to providing specialist implementation advice or extensive treasury and process support, BELLIN consultants help you meet your goals.

Get Started: configuration support

Get up and running right away with the “Get Started” component. We provide you with remote support to configure your tm5 treasury management system. This component covers all the basics you’ll need for your tm5 journey.

The services include:

  • System access within 48 hours
  • Remote support for system setup
  • Hands-on training to familiarize users with the interface

Joint Implementation: consulting and implementation assistance

This is the next essential component of system deployment. We take you through the features of our tm5 treasury management system in more depth and offer the following services:

  • Support from a dedicated team of consultants, either on site or remotely
  • Practical guidance and more detailed system setup
  • Support for more complex aspects such as user rights
  • Project planning and training

Treasury and process consulting

Many companies want to find the best solution to meet their treasury needs, rather than simply setting tm5 up to reflect the way the company currently does things. We help you analyze and improve your existing processes and workflows. This can be done before, during or after system implementation or as a completely separate exercise.

  • Detailed scoping
  • Various levels of project management
  • In-depth treasury and process consulting
  • Developing and drafting treasury policies
  • Audit support
  • Review Day aimed at reviewing and optimizing processes

Get the best exposure to all key features and processes and achieve maximum added value.

Prompt premium support outside of an active project


The special Advisory-on-Demand (AoD) service acts as a link between treasury/process consulting and technical support. It provides prompt, practical and dedicated guidance.

Interested in our AoD fact sheet?

Key components

  • Prompt and readily available expert advisors
  • Response to technical and administrative questions on the tm5 treasury platform
  • Dedicated email address and direct phone line
  • Initial assessment and liaising with other teams where needed

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The consulting extras: additional services

Often, when you make a change, you want to go all the way. Make use of the complete service package with scoping sessions, project management, audit support or help with optimizing treasury policies.


Project management

Implement your TMS on time, on budget and on schedule with clear deliverables and targets.

  • Get an in-depth project plan with clear stakeholders and deliverables
  • Benefit from weekly calls to check on progress and deliverables
  • Let someone else do the coordination and follow-up

Scoping workshops

With a treasury scoping session, you know what you can get – so you will get what you need.

  • Learn about the full scope of available functionality
  • Find the right solution or system for your company
  • Map processes and workflows to make the most of a TMS

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