A group-wide view of your finances, so you can better manage funding and debt

Ensuring adequate liquidity requires a complex combination of long-term and short-term financing, often creating a Gordian knot of payment schedules and available credit, forecasts and funding reports. tm5 gives you a single view of debt and funding needs, centralizing information for all subsidiaries worldwide. Gain a truly companywide overview of short- and long-term borrowing, including interest-bearing, fixed, floating rate, amortizing, and more, so you can perform more accurate, more effective liquidity planning. 

Proactive receivables management

Reduce the time to collection, and control any loss of receivables with targeted monitoring of open positions, assignment of optimized limits, and self-defined ratings per client.

Corporate vs. client group risk

Track risk exposures at both corporate and group levels.

Next-generation trade finance

With the added flexibility of the SWIFT network, your entire company can use SWIFT for the electronic application of guarantees, letters of credit, and more, all from within tm5.

Advantages of funding & debt management in tm5

  • Monitor each client risk for the duration of a claim.
  • Calculate the amount of cash at risk in your receivables portfolio.
  • Get a clear financial view of overall client relations groupwide.
  • Evaluate your own group’s risk vis-à-vis the client group.
  • Definition and management of your risk limits centrally or locally.

Components required for funding and debt management


Medium- to long-term cash forecasts

Unified medium and long-term liquidity forecasting for all companies in your corporate group.


Treasury transaction management

Manage, document and evaluate all treasury transactions with banks or group companies, enabling centralized FX, interest, and commodity dealings, reducing corporate group exposure.


Proactive receivables management

Targeted monitoring of open positions and assignment of optimized limits.