Authorize payments in China from a bank in France while sitting on a beach in Miami.

tm5’s global banking solution is a multi-banking portal you can make available to any of your team members, at any subsidiary, worldwide. Multiple logins, tokens, formats and entry screens are history. Instead, you define the access types, limits and roles for each user. In the treasury management system, you can create cross-department and cross-border workflows that are based on treasury processes and not tied to a particular bank or payment system. Get centralized reporting detailing all authorized signatory activity worldwide, and use this information to enhance security and compliance. Meanwhile, BELLIN’s service-orientated architecture lets you connect any ERP to any bank giving you a true, single-window view of your worldwide banking data.

Domestic. Cross-border. Multi-bank. Multi-country. Welcome to 4D payments!


BELLIN helped pioneer SWIFT connectivity for enterprises, and still remains the easiest way to communicate on the SWIFT network. Thanks to our web-based solution, you and your subsidiaries can use your own BIC to communicate through SWIFT from and to anywhere in the world.

Straight-through processing

tm5 can automatically apply standard settlement instructions and payment templates to all trades, adding positioning items to your cash management workflow which, with the click of a button, can turn into a payment with full beneficiary information and be pushed to the bank for processing.

Next-generation payment gateways

Our gateway is based on a service-oriented architecture which handles all traffic, security and file transformations, allowing us to connect you to any bank, service or ERP, and process information in any format – anywhere to anyone.

Advantages of global payments in tm5

  • Domestic, cross-border, multi-bank and multi-country payments.
  • Process all payments, groupwide, from a single platform for all subsidiaries.
  • Authorize your payments from anywhere – mobile & secure.
  • Eliminate the need for annoying authorization tokens without reducing security.
  • Full bank connectivity including the BELLIN SWIFT Service, proprietary host-to-host connections, and domestic standards such as EBICS.

Component required for global payments


Domestic, cross-border, multi-bank and multi-country payments

Easy, integrated and secure national and international payment processing.