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Payment fraud protection

Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes and keeps corporates up at night. That letter announcing changes to supplier bank details? It may not actually be coming from a supplier. Tampered-with account data is a very serious threat and can cause severe economic damage.

It is time both companies and suppliers had a secure place to store, maintain and verify master data.

Two-factor account verification

This is where you as a supplier come in: with companies around the world under attack, we need all hands on deck! Together, we can make a real effort to nip any fraud attempts in the bud. Our BELLIN GTB Hub 2-factor verification embraces security in numbers and allows for the storing, maintaining and verifying of account details. You add your account details to our independent and secure database, and your customers can be safe in the knowledge that any changes communicated in your name are genuine.

The GTB Hub offers you a smart and effortless way to look up single entries, to update your systems and your bank master data and to find direct contact details. You can even get access to the full suite of SWIFTRef Data files including the SAP Bank Directory.

App or web verification

What does that mean for you as a supplier’s customer? All you need to do is verify the bank details in our app that also boasts a number of other interesting features. You prefer working on a desktop computer with a proper keyboard? No problem, we also offer web verification. Just follow this link:

Verify now

QR code verification

The verification is easy – and has just become even easier with a new, first-of-its-kind feature. Our app lets you scan QR codes and compare the details with the information stored in the app: simple, convenient and secure! Scan any code worldwide – we support all the major QR code formats, including GiroCode, EPC or APC, as well as a BELLIN format. As a supplier, you can generate the latter on our platform to use it in your invoices or change notifications to customers.

Make sure your customers benefit from maximum, effortless security by entering your details to populate this independent verification tool – because it takes a village!

Try the QR Code

Swiss payments harmonization
GTB Hub is your mobile QR-bill solution

There’s no turning back the clock: Switzerland is moving to ISO 20022. Bank or corporate, you’re probably right in the middle of your own transformation process. One of the novelties coming your way: the QR-bill replacing payment slips. It aims to provide an efficient solution to the digital and regulatory challenges of the payment harmonization process – and we are ready for it!

Simply scan the QR-bills you receive to verify them. Don’t let fraudsters taking advantage of the migration process get to you!

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