Treasury as a Service

Treasury Outsourcing with the FTS Treasury Service

Launched your start-up and need to wrap your head around financial status and liquidity planning?

Company has been growing but not the head count of your finance department?

Restructuring and all your capacities are tied up?

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Flexible treasury department outsourcing

There are many reasons why a finance department might struggle to stay on top of everything – and there are different options of finding support. If you are looking to avoid implementing new software or adding additional headcount to your team, outsourcing your treasury may be a solution for you.

Financial status

Challenge no. 1: knowledge of available liquid assets across a group

This can be achieved through a central overview of all accounts and transactions.

Cash positioning

Challenge no. 2: short-term liquidity forecasting

This can be achieved through a central overview of current and historic balances as well as planned transactions.

Liquidity planning

Challenge no. 3: medium to long-term liquidity overview and anticipation across a group

This can be achieved through reliable liquidity planning.

Cash pooling

Challenge no. 4: optimize and concentrate liquid assets across a group

This can be achieved through cash pools.


Challenge no. 5: enter, approve and process payments

This can be achieved through a bank-independent, central payments platform.


Challenge no. 6: reconcile and net all internal payables and receivables

This can be achieved through a netting process.

Risk management

Challenge no. 7: manage and mitigate FX, interest and commodity risks

This can be achieved through integrated risk management.


Challenge no. 8: get an overview of and manage financing needs

This can be achieved through optimized liquidity and centralized management of financial instruments.

Your technological foundation: BELLIN tm5

BELLIN’s industry-leading technology with tm5 as the centerpiece, gives you a strong foundation to tackle these challenges. But not every company has the capacities and resources to make the most of implementing their own system. This is why we offer you an alternative together with our partner Finance & Treasury Services.

Treasury as a Service: the Finance and Treasury Service (FTS)

Using BELLIN technology, Finance & Treasury Services (FTS) take on some or all your finance and treasury responsibilities. These services are aimed at companies who would like to achieve the results of a professional and global finance or treasury department without having to set up their own structures or having to invest and deploy additional resources.

This makes Finance & Treasury the outsourced finance or treasury department that supports national and international organizations with some or all their finance and treasury responsibilities.

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