tm5 Treasury Management System

Industry-leading treasury technology infused with strategic vision and global expertise

Your treasury management sidekick

BELLIN reimagines corporate treasury with industry-leading treasury technology infused with strategic vision and global expertise. We offer a web-based and dynamically-integrated platform that excels in ensuring global visibility, maximized security and uncapped work-hours saved. BELLIN’s Load Balanced Treasury standard means no per-user licenses, ensuring subsidiaries can share data seamlessly, profit from real-time transparency, and maximize global security.

You gain:
  • An intuitive and flexible system to match your organization
  • A fully integrated solution that meets all corporate treasury requirements
  • Strategic insight based on real-time, reliable data
  • Group-wide efficiency, visibility, and transparency
  • Connect all global subsidiaries seamlessly with complete global collaboration
  • The ability to implement company-wide standards and workflows

One Platform. Multiple Solutions.

Cash & liquidity management

  • Global, real-time visibility into the financial status of the entire group
  • Universal access to long- and short-term cash positions
  • Accurate and group-wide forecasting tools
  • Detailed planning reports and plan comparisons to extract valuable conclusions


  • Connect to any relevant bank worldwide using SWIFT, H2H or domestic communication standards
  • Enter and process domestic and international payments, fully-integrated and automated
  • One platform, one login, one password – all banks
  • Company-wide protection with secure approval process with multiple approval levels

In-house banking

  • Group-wide, mobile and real-time financial status of all members of the corporate group
  • Straightforward POBO/ROBO processing and payment centralization
  • Manage, document and evaluate treasury transactions with banks or group companies
  • Manage virtual intercompany accounts for all subsidiaries

Intercompany netting

  • Automate intercompany invoice reconciliation and matching
  • Centralize and reduce FX exposure and funding needs
  • Benefit from payment, ERP and accounting system integration
  • Structured, integrated dispute management

Financial instruments

  • Manage all treasury-relevant contracts
  • Gain clear financial views of group-wide client relations
  • Manage FX, interest and liquidity risk centrally and locally
  • System notifications of maturity dates and interest rate fixings for floating-rate contracts

Risk & exposure management

  • Clear view of group-wide exposure
  • Monitor all instruments and keep an eye on credit facilities
  • Risk modeling and key financial data analysis
  • Centralized funding and hedging tools and reports

The BELLIN Formula


With tm5, you receive comprehensive, cutting-edge treasury technology, complemented by best-in-class industry partnerships.

Implementation assistance

We provide clients with customer service that is backed by seasoned treasury veterans, ensuring the perfect synergy of technical and expert assistance.


Experience hands-on scoping workshops, workflow audits and optimization opportunities with our dedicated team of consultants. We mold the perfect landscape for your processes.

Want a deeper look into tm5?

Speak with one of our experienced solution experts to better understand how BELLIN can help solve the unique challenges of your business.

Our Happy Clients

BELLIN Cloud Services

Performance, flexibility, security and ease-of-use

Our cloud offering is geographically redundant, incorporates the highest security standards, provides unlimited scalability and is professionally operated by BELLIN. The infrastructure is run in the BELLIN Cloud or the public cloud.

  • Fast, easy implementation (within 48 hours)
  • Simple integration of your backend systems
  • Exclusive products and services
  • API-based SAP integration
More about the BELLIN Cloud Services →
BELLIN Connect app

Enable mobile connectivity with maximized security

The BELLIN Connect app allows users to access certain tm5 functions to facilitate remote working and to boost security. A straightforward interface presents data clearly, selection and configuration options are streamlined and processes are targeted and accessible.

  • Financial status including status reports
  • Payment authorization
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • tm5 messaging
Read more about BELLIN Connect →
The BELLIN Security Promise

Gain industry-leading security technology, regulatory compliance, and administrative workflows

The BELLIN Security Promise encompasses a 100% in-house technological and procedural security landscape.
BELLIN uses a 3-pronged approach to ensure maximum client data security: People, Technology, and Governance.

Key features:
  • Dedicated BELLIN team support with 24/7/365 oversight
  • All client data is managed and hosted on BELLIN servers
  • No third-party data management providers
  • Two-factor authentication with mobile connectivity
  • Single-login portal with cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs)
  • “12-eyes principle”, with the progress of the transaction recorded at every stage of approval.
See the full BELLIN Security Promise →

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