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The integrated BELLIN SWIFT Service gives your company access to the SWIFT global communication network. Companies receive their own corporate SWIFT BIC and become a member of SWIFT’s Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE).

What can you use the SWIFT network for?


How to initiate gpi payments directly in your TMS

SWIFT gpi for Corporates

We help you with the Customer Security Programme!

CSP Package

Great reasons to choose BELLIN


BELLIN SWIFT Service: multiple ways to leverage the network

The BELLIN SWIFT Service enables you to use the SWIFT network to retrieve account statements, make payments using tm5’s integrated multi-bank platform and optimize trade finance.

Cash management

  • Receive worldwide account statements
  • Bank-agnostic
  • Standardized file formats
  • Real-time, group-wide financial status


  • Global banking network
  • Direct banking communication
  • Numerous formats via one channel
  • Tracking of cross-border payments
  • Global single and bulk payments

Digital matching and trade finance

  • Digital exchange of confirmations
  • Digital processing of letters of credit
  • Digital opening of guarantees

SWIFT gpi for Corporates: initiate gpi payments directly in tm5

BELLIN has fully integrated SWIFT’s gpi for Corporates technology. This means that you can initiate gpi payments directly in your treasury management system.
The BELLIN system generates the unique transaction reference (UETR) for fast, transparent and traceable gpi payments.

You receive a message as soon as the status of the payment changes.

Full transparency and visibility
  • Payment status
  • FX rates charged
  • Fees of participating banks
  • Time money credited to beneficiary
Fast processing

Processing of gpi payment orders is quick:

  • 50% reach the beneficiary within 5 minutes
  • 95% reach the beneficiary within 24 hours

CSP Package: increased security, assessment included

To protect the SWIFT network and all of its members, SWIFT requires everyone to adopt strict safeguards as part of its Customer Security Programme (CSP). These safeguards are checked annually and from 2021 must also be approved by an external auditor.

BELLIN has put together a CSP Package for BELLIN SWIFT Service customers which provides assistance checking that SWIFT security requirements are met, increases the level of security at the company and enables CSP self-attestation to be carried out with minimal effort.

As part of the CSP Package, we also retain and manage customers’ SWIFT tokens on their behalf.

Download the CSP Fact Sheet

BELLIN – your ideal partner for all things SWIFT

Benefit from the longstanding and successful partnership between BELLIN and SWIFT and the unique experience gained from more than 200 speedy onboardings.

  • No.1
    BELLIN is the leading SWIFT L2BA provider worldwide
    BELLIN was the first service provider authorized to conduct the CSP Assessment
  • Experience
    200+ satisfied BELLIN SWIFT Service users
  • 1 partner
    for onboarding, implementation, billing, token management, and CSP Assessment
  • 30 days
    average onboarding time
  • Economies of scale
    by leveraging multiple use cases
  • SWIFT gpi for Corporate integration
    tracking and transparency of gpi payments directly in the system

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