Cash & Liquidity Management

Spend your time analyzing data, not collecting it.

Real-time liquidity management across your entire corporate group

Complete information from across your company, delivered quickly, is critical to successfully managing your liquidity. Leveraging SaaS, our no-per-user license model, and our philosophy of Load Balanced Treasury®, tm5 assures unrivaled cash flow transparency, cash positioning, forecasting and control. Our system eliminates laborious data gathering, tedious reporting and the time-consuming process of consolidating data, and provides you with the visibility required for more accurate positioning and forecasting on a local and global level.

Solutions Network svgUnparalleled forecasting

With no per-user fees and lightning-fast rollouts, there’s nothing standing in the way of integrating all subsidiaries into your treasury system, giving you true visibility into your group-wide business, for real, accurate, global cash forecasting.

Cash pooling

Track intercompany balances easily across your cash pools. tm5 automatically updates the balances of each member of the pool and provides visibility across your group without the need to update and distribute balance reports tracked in spreadsheets by the central treasury.

Financial status reporting

Get a global picture of liquidity every day, automatically updated by the real-time data and activity in the system. With your entire corporate group using the system to track debt, investment, account balances, credit lines and intercompany activity, the difficult task of collecting this information becomes effortless.

Advantages of cash and liquidity management in tm5

  • Global, real-time visibility into the financial status of the entire group
  • Universal access to long- and short-term cash positions
  • Accurate and group-wide forecasting tools
  • Detailed planning reports and plan comparisons to extract valuable conclusions

How to achieve optimized cash & liquidity management

LMCash svgLMCash

Short-term cash management

Enter and manage information for daily cash forecasts across your group


Medium- to long-term cash management

Long-term liquidity forecasting for all companies in your corporate group

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