Financial Instruments

Minimize the cost of funding

A group-wide view of your finances, so you can better manage funding and debt

Manage, record and evaluate financial instruments across the entire group and minimize the cost of funding. tm5 gives you a single view of debt and funding needs, centralizing information for all subsidiaries worldwide. You have access to integrated liquidity planning, giving you a truly group-wide overview of short- and long-term liquidity positions across all your entities.

Core business value drivers

Liquidity planning

Gain full visibility of your mid- to long-term forecasted cash positions across all your subsidiaries. Use this information as the basis for your decision-making and to optimize planning horizons for investments and debt instruments.

Contract management

Manage all your financial contracts across your group in one system and give your subsidiaries automatic access to their data. Monitor all instruments in the same system and keep an eye on your credit facilities with special utilization reports.

Funding report

Combine forecasting data group-wide or for each entity with all financial instruments to create a report that shows you your exact funding position for your selected planning period. Make decisions based on real-time data.

Advantages of managing financial instruments in tm5

  • Record and manage all financial contracts group-wide in one system
  • Obtain a single view of debt and funding needs across your group
  • Benefit from utilization reports and system notifications on maturity dates etc.
  • Seamlessly connect to cash management, liquidity planning and risk management

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