Liquidity Planning

Data-driven liquidity planning in good and bad times

BELLIN tm5’s comprehensive liquidity planning tool is the key to ensuring short and long-term solvency of your company or avoiding corporate insolvency, especially in times of crisis. The timing of capital inflows and outflows requires precise planning, control, and monitoring, which is all possible within tm5. BELLIN tm5 provides an intuitive tool that allows users to automate cash visibility and enable data-driven liquidity management with both a short- and long-term approach.

Core business value drivers

Direct liquidity planning made easy

Counteract all inaccuracies by presenting liquidity positions in a currency-segmented manner, enabling holistic transparency of the source, use and fluctuations of all funds.

Cost savings

Simplify your view on available and required liquidity, avoid redundant borrowing with unfavorable terms, and eliminate unused credit lines.

Group-wide risk and liquidity transparency

Gain centralized transparency (and reduction) of liquidity risks and financing structures for decision-making.

Internal and external collaboration enabled

Greatly boost the collaboration and communication with banks, investors and major business partners (e.g. customers and suppliers).

Liquidity planning functionality

  • Currency-differentiated direct liquidity planning and simple mapping of projects in connection with concise copy, rollover, and import functions
  • Planning (e.g. validating and allocating positions)
  • Analysis (e.g. commenting on high deviations from previous periods by plan and actual comparisons)
  • Monitoring (e.g. status monitoring of planning with support of automatically generated messages/reminders after an elapsed deadline)
  • Simulation (e.g. absolute change of categories and group currency)

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