Domestic and global payments with a multi-banking portal

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Flexible corporate payment solutions. Any location, any setup.

Payments challenges:

Complex and fragmented bank connectivity environment across your subsidiaries. Constantly combating payment fraud attempts. Maintaining global visibility of cashflows. Ensuring control of cashflows.

We can help.

Centralize payments processing, full bank connectivity, complete payment transparency, and uncapped administrative controls over payments with BELLIN’s tm5 payments and bank connectivity solution.

The tm5 payments and bank connectivity solution encompasses both domestic and global payments needs of corporates. Users benefit from a multi-banking portal with universal accessibility by any team member, at all subsidiaries worldwide.

In tm5, you can generate cross-departmental and cross-border workflows that are based on treasury processes and not tied to a particular bank or payment system. BELLIN’s service-orientated architecture lets you connect any ERP to any bank, giving you a true, single-window view of your worldwide banking data.

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A unique approach to global and domestic payments

Flexible bank connectivity

Next-generation payment gateways provide users with flexible bank connectivity: from domestic standards, such as EBICS, FTX, and MBS, to international solutions such as H2H connectivity or the BELLIN SWIFT Service including SWIFT gpi for Corporates (g4C). Connect to any bank, service or ERP and process information in any format – all in one application, handling connectivity, transmission, security, and file conversion.

Straight-through processing

tm5 can automatically apply standard settlement instructions and payment templates to all trades, adding positioning items to your cash management workflow. Users experience seamless conversion of payments with full beneficiary information which is transferred to the bank for processing.

Group-wide payment processing control

Unlock company-wide visibility, transparency, and control of payment processing for your central treasury. Assign user roles, view payment status, and manage approval flows. All banks, all payments, one platform.

BELLIN SWIFT Service and SWIFT gpi for Corporates (g4C)

Leverage the global SWIFT Network for your payments

With the BELLIN SWIFT Service, payments, account statements, matching, and even trade finance, are all directly integrated into your system.

With the new adoption of the SWIFT gpi for Corporates (g4C) integration, all BELLIN clients can now benefit from fast cross-border payments as well as payment tracking directly in the tm5 system.

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Advantages of dynamic payments processing in tm5

  • Complete centralization of payments life-cycle with mobile connectivity
    Create, authorize and release payments on a group-wide level from a centralized platform. The BELLIN Connect app enables mobile execution and approvals.
  • Multi-formats suitable for all subsidiaries
    Multi-bank, multi-currency. Domestic and cross-border payments solutions with flexible options for all subsidiaries in any location.
  • Resolute payment security interface
    State of the art payments security & straight-through processing for reduced fraudulent attacks or breaches. Minimize fraudulent payments via two-factor authentication functionality.
  • Full transparency and administrative control
    A user-friendly and centralized dashboard, ensuring uncapped control and visibility of cashflows.

Payments made easy with a modular approach

Utilize powerful modules and supplemental apps to gain complete control of payment life-cycles and processes.

BELLIN Connect

Mobile and secure payments

Payments on the go and payment authorization with 2-factor authentication


International payments

Become a SWIFT member and use your company’s own BIC to transmit messages via this powerful network

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