Business Intelligence & Analytics for Targeted Treasury Reporting

Turn your treasury data into actionable insights and strategic business decisions

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The perfect synergy between treasury data and Business Intelligence

Treasury data is at the heart of many high-impact financial business decisions. Provide guidance to your company’s key stakeholders by visualizing, interpreting and distributing the figures that matter.

TMS-integrated BI, analytics and reporting

The BELLIN tm5 treasury management system harbors all the data you need to inform business decisions. Benefit from complete standard and custom reporting functionality and go one step further with innovative Business Intelligence and analytics capabilities.

BI & analytics

Benefit from intuitive treasury dashboards with real-time KPIs for fast and easy visualization and analysis.

Custom reports

Use our integrated data models and report designer to present treasury data just the way your company needs it.

Standard reports

View and drill down on all the standard dashboards and reports directly in tm5 and automate distribution.

Your benefits at a glance

Embedded functionality

Dashboards and reports embedded in tm5 and integrated with all key treasury disciplines and systems.

Fast and easy visualization

View and analyze data at the touch of a button. Leverage instant, clear and complete visualization.

Clarity and intelligence

Present relevant data to decision-makers, generate PDFs and benefit from automated email distribution.

BI & analytics in tm5: customize intelligence

Drawing relevant conclusions and providing decision-makers with critical insights is all about interpreting and sharing financial data. But it is much more than that! Use interactive, responsive and customizable dashboards and data models for real business intelligence and analysis.

Custom treasury reporting in tm5 enables you to fully customize your reports according to your company’s specific needs. Create the reports you need or let BELLIN create them for you.

  • Easily pivot data and show summaries/averages/medians/etc.
  • Insert formulas to calculate and manipulate your data as needed
  • Drag and drop values directly from your tm5 system onto the reporting canvas
  • Apply formatting, embed custom images or text to fit your corporate branding needs
Coming soon: the BELLIN BI Connector

Revolutionize the distribution of your treasury data with the BELLIN BI connector. Push or pull your tm5 treasury information to and from other systems and make it available in real time.

Standard treasury reporting in tm5: leverage the staples

With standard treasury reporting in tm5, you can use out-of-the-box online reports that present your financial data in a variety of flexible formats. Drill down to show as much or as little detail as you need. Some examples include:

Financial Status Report

Consolidate all your cash, investments and debt over time and summarize by company, region, currency or financial instrument.

Credit Line Report

Benefit from a consolidated overview of the utilization and availability of your group-wide credit facilities over time.

Counterparty Risk Report

Gain insight into and report on your counterparty risk, including default risk and exposure to financial institutions.

Interest/Amortization Report

Profit from a summary of your debt portfolio, with details on interest expenses and amortization schedules.

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