Predict, plan and navigate the future from one secure system

As a treasurer you need to continuously collect, analyze and act upon data to protect against currency risk, interest rate volatility, and other exposures. This requires in-depth knowledge of the financial happenings within your corporate group and the mathematical models to predict the potential for future issues. Sadly, many companies never fully integrate their treasury systems across the corporate group, leading to incomplete data and guesswork.

tm5 changes this by connecting and integrating every member of your corporate treasury, from central treasury to subsidiary accounting, to connect and integrate their financial data, providing you with more complete, more accurate information - all in real time - making treasury transparent, and risks obvious.

Liquidity planning

How can you manage something as essential as hedging without knowing the liquidity requirements – including per currency -- across your entire group? tm5 gives you real-time information about your positions in order to enable you to make sound decisions.

Regulatory compliance

tm5 supports full international compliance with current and future regulations, including EMIR and FBAR, with constantly updating features and systems to ensure that your treasury is prepared for any upcoming regulatory changes.

Risk modeling

tm5 includes a complete set of tools for calculating value at risk, performing scenario analysis and sensitivities, allowing you to observe interest rate developments for variable financial instruments, and analyze market value deltas reflecting different exchange rate, interest rate, or commodity cost scenarios.

Advantages of treasury and risk management in tm5

  • Evaluation of key financial data.
  • Overview of scenarios for variable financial instruments.
  • Analysis of market value deltas reflecting different exchange rates.
  • Development of interest rate or commodity price scenarios.

Components required for treasury and risk management


Mathematical analysis of financial risk

Analyze interest and currency rate changes, fluctuations in commodity values and the impact that these changes have on your cash flows.


Treasury deal management

Manage, document and evaluate all treasury transactions with banks or group companies and always know about the utilization of your funding sources today and in the future.