The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Ever since its foundation in 1990, the environmentally-friendly and economical water treatment products and services of Best Water Technology Group have been setting the bar in terms of global technology standards in their industry. Today, BWT is Europe’s leading water technology company, with 3,800 employees who are fully committed to the corporate mission of “BWT – For You and Planet Blue.” Through economical and ecological treatment technologies, they ensure that customers worldwide – from private households to industry, trade, hotels and communities – are guaranteed maximum safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water, the Elixir of Life.

Rapid global growth

Making sure everyone has access to clean water represents one of the major challenges of the 21st century: a growing world population, increased consumption and water pollution on the rise have made the “liquid gold” more valuable than ever before. BWT is fully committed to this challenge and has been pursuing a decided growth strategy to boost their efforts. However, this rapid expansion by way of acquisitions and the decision to leave certain responsibilities with the local entities has led to a heterogeneous group system landscape. BWT realized early on that the web-based treasury management system tm5 would provide optimum support to underpin the group’s growth strategy by integrating all subsidiaries on one platform, independent of any local systems.


Growing together

In 2002, BWT established a Group Treasury and only two years later, in 2004, BELLIN came on board. Initially, only the accounts and accounts payable of specific subsidiaries were captured in the system, but in 2007 the “intercompany netting” project brought a real breakthrough.

The AgreementDrivenNetting® intercompany reconciliation and settlement approach based on reciprocity benefits all subsidiaries directly. The insight that the combination of cross-subsidiary cooperation and centralized coordination is ideal for everyone and provides added value to all parties involved laid the foundation for subsequent treasury projects building on these achievements. For a number of years now, every subsidiary’s complete financial status has been accessible via the system, providing a central overview and at the same time giving valuable information to the local finance departments. The Group Treasury manages all FX trades, allowing it to hedge the entire FX risk in the best possible way. Moreover, all bank and group guarantees are now captured and managed centrally in tm5. tm5 is the Group Treasury’s key tool and has been instrumental in future-proofing the group. Currently, BWT is in the process of integrating LMPayment as their standardized, global payments platform in tm5, mirroring the essence of water: clear, transparent and always liquid.

Key Facts
Water Treatment
Founded, Headquarters
1990, Mondsee | AT
3,800 worldwide
82 subsidiaries and associated companies
Annual turnover
EUR 610.4 million (2016)
Modules in use
With BELLIN since
June 2004
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