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On the bean: visibility from coffee plantation to stock exchange

On the bean: visibility from coffee plantation to stock exchange

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is the world’s leading green coffee service group. With 46 companies in 28 countries, the company is present in all important markets and offers a broad range of quality services and products along the green coffee value chain: from cultivation, export and import, treating green coffee beans and semi-finished products, storage and logistics to risk management and financing. The company has a market share of 10% worldwide, so every seventh coffee bean has gone through the hands of Neumann Kaffee.

The Challenge

Neumann’s decision to implement a treasury management system was largely influenced by the introduction of EMIR and the additional reporting obligations that came with it. The company’s decentralized structure represented a particular challenge in the selection and implementation process: not only does Neumann operate subsidiaries and accounts worldwide; it is also connected via banking and administrative structures in some very “exotic” locations.


The Solution: LoadBalancedTreasury®

Neumann is a traditional family business with roots in northern Germany. Sustainability, steady growth and business relationships characterized by trust are of great importance to them. It was mainly BELLIN’s timely response to the RfP process and the personal tm5 presentation which made a lasting impression and swung the pendulum in favor of tm5. The treasury department was in need of a system offering solid and smooth processes. Consultation therefore focused on processes, ultimately optimizing workflows and establishing standards. tm5 was first integrated into the core treasury infrastructure and was then rolled out from Hamburg to Switzerland. A subsequent rollout to European subsidiaries is planned. The system’s intuitive navigation and user-friendly structures meant that groupwide acceptance was no problem and that the concept of LOADBALANCEDTREASURY® is embodied by everyone. tm5 offers an excellent data and process structure which allows Neumann to swiftly add additional reporting systems. Before tm5 was introduced, each subsidiary had their own reporting system but now reporting is focused on the recipient and can be processed via a unique dashboard solution: reliably, in real time and with minimum effort.

Key Facts
Green coffee services
Founded, Headquarters
1934 (1922), Hamburg | DE
More than 2,200
46 in 28 countries
Annual turnover
US-$ 2.8 billion (2014)
Modules in use
LM, TT, EMIR Full Service
With BELLIN since
July 2012
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