Daily Liquidity Management for Optimized Cash Management

How Wiener Stadtwerke benefit from tm5

Wiener Stadtwerke is the public utility of the Austrian capital of Vienna. It is the country’s largest municipal infrastructure service provider and a driving force behind activities promoting Vienna as a business hub. Wiener Stadtwerke supplies gas and electricity. It is also in charge of public transportation as well as funeral services and cemeteries. Owned by the city of Vienna, Wiener Stadtwerke employs around 16,000 people and has an annual revenue of over EUR 3 billion.

The challenge: consolidating vast amounts of data

Vienna has been topping the global Quality of Living ranking for some years. Public welfare is a clear priority, and utility services are publicly owned and run by Wiener Stadtwerke. This involves long-term and sustainable infrastructure investments as well as the responsible use of liquidity. Supplying around one million households with gas and electricity and transporting nearly a billion passengers every year – to name only a few of the most staggering figures – translates to countless separate line items. Unable to cope with this fragmented position, Wiener Stadtwerke set out in search of an all-in-one solution that would meet the following requirements:

  • Monitor liquidity on a daily basis
  • Manage cash pools in the best possible way
  • Store data safe from manipulation
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Fast implementation time
The solution: liquidity planning based on categories

Wiener Stadtwerke found a fully integrated, modular treasury management system in tm5. The system provides visibility down to the smallest detail, in turn enabling accurate planning. Usually, short-term liquidity forecasting is account-based. Wiener Stadtwerke however decided to set up their daily liquidity planning based on categories. This allowed them to retain existing processes that reflect administrative structures and to transfer workflows to tm5.

Thanks to tm5’s self-explanatory user interface, Wiener Stadtwerke was able to train their employees independently. Rolling out the system only took three months. Today, the 32 entities take care of their own daily planning and report their liquidity needs to headquarters through the system. Based on this detailed planning data, category-based consolidation is straightforward and liquid funds can be made available accordingly. This is how Wiener Stadtwerke ensures that cash pool liquidity is utilized in the best possible way and that every entity has all the funds they need.

Planning data is entered in tm5 where it is automatically and securely stored. Information is also archived to be analyzed and used as the basis of reliable and long-term forecasts. Nothing beats substantial and valid historical data when it comes to a sound foundation for forecasting and liquidity planning. This is why the BELLIN team made sure figures dating back several years were included in tm5 for every group entity.

Category-based daily liquidity planning in tm5 has enabled Wiener Stadtwerke to create highly accurate short-term liquidity forecasts, ensuring optimum use of cash pool liquidity. What’s more, this information represents a perfect and easy-to-handle database underpinning the long-term development of the city of Vienna, with Wiener Stadtwerke investing an average of over EUR 700 million every year. Treasury planning data will certainly play a role in Vienna reaching its ambitious objective of becoming a Smart City that meets the requirements of its people in the best possible way.

The results:

  • Integrated and scalable all-in-one solution with tm5
  • System processes and workflows reflecting the organizational structure
  • Efficient monitoring of daily liquidity
  • Easy consolidation of large amounts of data
  • Optimum use of cash pools
  • Efficient cash management
  • Secure data storage, maintenance and archiving
  • Comprehensive and growing database
  • Reliable long-term planning
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Implementation in under three months
Key Facts
Public utility
Founded, Headquarters
1999, Vienna | AT
32 entities
Annual turnover
EUR 3.5 billion
Modules in use
With BELLIN since
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