Treasury Crossroads: Building Liquidity Resilience

Emerge stronger with the help of a free treasury management system

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Has your liquidity spreadsheet become your new best friend during these tough economic times? Have you been working overtime gathering data to make the right decisions? Are you wishing it could be easier? It can!

A TMS gives you visibility and decision-making support the way it should be: automated, complete, reliable, real time. And we’re here to get you started for free.

Take the path towards true liquidity resilience

At this important treasury crossroads, move forward with three TMS modules from BELLIN that help you make fast, informed decisions you feel confident about. Achieve lasting liquidity resilience with three free months – an extraordinary offer for the extraordinary time we’re in.

Get three for free:

  • Cash management
  • Forecasting/planning
  • Financial instruments

Your free TMS will be up and running within as little as 72 hours – no strings attached. Thanks to our special 24h cancellation policy, you can change your mind at any time.

More visibility and transparency in
cash management

  • Get all bank accounts into one system
  • Manage financial status, transactions and balances in real time
  • Collect and process bank account statements incl. free EBICS connection

Optimized and digitized processes in forecasting and planning to reduce error

  • Capitalize on in-system plans, categories and structure
  • See the complete data throughout your group
  • Use the in-depth calendar with automatic reminders

Manage and record financial instruments across the group

  • Obtain a group-wide overview of positions
  • Record and manage plain-vanilla interest-bearing instruments
  • Enter, edit and terminate credit facilities

Let this time be a catalyst for change. Get your free TMS now.

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Want to see for yourself? Then join our special webinar

Don’t take our word for it! We have designed a free webinar that walks you through the free modules and shows you how BELLIN’s TMS tm5 can support you right now – and for years to come.