May 2016

New Whitepaper: Cyber Fraud - the Impact on Treasury: CEO email scam is wake-up call for boards


This week we're announcing our newest whitepaper, guest written by Royston Da Costa of Wolseley plc.

Companies should educate their employees in risk management. Employees can be their greatest asset in preventing fraud both internal and external. They can also be their weakest link or greatest risk. Most companies today recognise they have to tackle the issue of Cyber Fraud. Typically, they will conduct a thorough review of their internal and external processes, e.g. bank payments, data security etc. to ensure they are robust enough and compliant with best practice or the appropriate regulation. Even though we work in a digital age, communication is still a vital tool that Treasury departments should use to combat some of the scams perpetrated today. Unfortunately, this is often neglected, as indicated by the types of scams that have resulted in financial loss for companies. 

Click here to visit the whitepaper section

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