May 2016

Treasury Connected: Connecting tm5 users worldwide


There’s a story that gets told around the BELLIN offices about a tm5 user on the third floor of a building, stuck on a function he’s supposed to perform with tm5’s LM module. Little does he know, there’s another tm5 user only seven stories above him, who knows the solution to our protagonist’s problem. Every day they see each other in the elevator, they pass polite conversation - but neither realizes that they work with the same system. If only there was a way for these two users to realize that they could help each other?

The challenge was how does one enable this within a treasury workstation in an environment where the very concept of sharing information is frowned upon – both by central treasury and the law. Our 25,000+ users worldwide make up a massive pool of knowledge about treasury and an invaluable resource. This dream of cross company communication lay at the heart of the original concepts that lead to the production of BELLIN Backstage, and eventually Treasury Connected.

The Map

In the story of the two treasurers, each worked on a different floor. More often, other users may be across the street, or down the road. The user map enables you to find out whether a company down the street also uses tm5, or whether your neighbors use it. It gives you visibility into the


Sharing ideas requires having a space in which to do so. We created the public forums to enable both fun general chat, as well as to enable people to ask questions and get help on all sorts of topics in treasury.

Corporate Lounge

One corporate group may have 250+ companies and employees of a particular subsidiary may not even know that they belong to greater group - much less have the ability to share information with their coworkers in other subsidiaries.  If a tm5 user requires help from other users within their group they can ask in their Corporate Lounge.

A "garden within a garden", the corporate lounge gives your company a place to share information in a private environment. This includes private forums, shared files, and contact lists.


Over the years we have developed a lot of support content. One of our key goals was to redefine how we sort this content so that it could be better found by users. We broke our content into several key topics, which can be further broken down by individual component. This would permit users to search for information by module, component or service, finding guidance in the form of video, downloadable manuals, and multi-media guides. Together,  there are hours of video tutorial content and volumes of documentation.


Treasury Connected is now available to all tm5 users. Simply click on the button for Treasury Connected on your login page and get started today.

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