Sep 2016

Upcoming Webinar: Load Balanced Treasury: The Power of the Network


When we talk about Treasury Management Systems we tend to talk about features: multilateral netting, platform integration, payment gateways – the list goes on. However, the largest benefit of a treasury management system (or at least a web based one) isn’t the features it provides, but how it provides them. The largest benefit is the network your treasury management system provides, how it combines information from across your company, and across its users, and the resulting network effect.

The network effect is the phenomena whereby a network increases in value for every “node” that it has – in essence, the more people using a network, the more valuable that network is. This can apply to anything from the internet to a corporate intranet, or even a Treasury Management System.

On October 6th, join us for our webinar “The Value of a Network” where we will discuss how the democratization of access not only reduces hand-offs, steps, time, and errors but also better engages all members involved in group finance.

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