Success Stories

We Love Treasury 2 | Trailer

1:20Enjoy the many empowering tales of treasurers overcoming massive challenges in their global organizations. Watch an engaging blend of tra ...

The name is the game: BELLIN TV tells empowering tales of treasurers, who overcome massive challenges in their global organizations. Find out how these men and women navigate their companies through stormy weather and oftentimes make the impossible possible. Based on Martin Bellin’s “We Love Treasury”-books, these short films are an engaging blend of travelogue, company portrait, interview and animation – check out each company’s Treasury Profile and enjoy all relevant facts and figures at a glance.


On the Move with Mr. B.

BELLIN's "On the Move with Mr. B." e05: Netting: How to save resources with smart IC Reconciliation

11:15Find out, why a TMS-based netting process is indispensable for any modern, globally active company - in this equally instructive and ente ...

If BELLIN is a well-balanced hybrid between a time-honored, rock solid software house deeply rooted in its region and heritage and an agile, trailblazing FinTech offering cutting edge services and solutions, this series embodies the company’s unique essence like no other. “On the Move with Mr. B.” features CEO Martin Bellin and producer/director Teut Deese sauntering through the breathtaking scenery of the Black Forest while discussing pressing treasury topics. Marvel at the beautiful backdrop of the place we call home – and absorb tons of valuable information along the way.


Treasury Snippets

#TreasurySnippets s07e10: Controlling: friend or foe?

2:10Deftly delivered by BELLIN founder and CEO Martin Bellin, this season of TreasurySnippets deals with the crucial differences between trea ...

Produced at the BELLIN TV Studio, this series provides you with the basics, deftly delivered by Martin Bellin himself. Enjoy a comprehensive encyclopedia of quick treasury tidbits, with each season treating a specific treasury area.


Webinars & Products

BELLIN Connect

0:30Learn more about BELLIN's mobile app, BELLIN Connect. BELLIN Connect offers various functionalities designed to facilitate remote working ...

Straight from our studio, BELLIN TV presents this exciting roundtable format, where we discuss current treasury topics with experts from our partners and clients. Stay tuned to find out about the latest trends, topics and solutions in the world of finance.


Finance Events

WEPA: FX all-inclusive

39:39Workshop Finanzsymposium Mannheim, 2018 (German) WEPA: FX all-inclusive Michael Gronarz, Leiter Treasury & Finanz ...

BELLIN TV brings the essence of the world’s most relevant finance events to your screen: catch up with the global treasury conventions’ hot topics and enjoy the highlights of our workshops and track sessions on current treasury matters.