Interest, Currency and Commodity Management – Easily Understandable (2012|EN)

In the Interest, Currency and Commodities Management module of the Treasury management System tm5 companies can process and manage complex financial transactions with banks and group companies efficiently. Martin BELLIN, CEO of the BELIIN Group, introduces the interest, currency and commodities management module. Contract management involves entering, documenting and valuating transactions based on the processes a company needs most. With BELLIN's electronic trading center, customers can arrange deals between group companies or with third parties. It forms a basis for connecting to external trading platforms such as 360T or Bloomberg. In addition, the fully integrated intercompany platform allows companies to arrange transactions -- electronically, quickly, and transparently. Components for managing and electronically assigning all guarantees (bank guarantees, group guarantees, and received guarantees) simplify the day-to-day business. This module also lets companies prepare the data for the accounting department and helps to create a mathematically underpinned risk analysis.