5 Reasons why Netting is Relevant for Every Company

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This webinar titled, “5 Reasons why Netting is Relevant for Every Company,” highlights some of the critical value drivers that multilateral netting can bring to corporations. Enjoy this immersive webinar and gain a firm overview of the value you may be missing out on.

Key learnings in this webinar include:

  • How to avoid transaction costs, financing issues, and complex accounting processes
  • Gain elevated control of FX exposure and internal conflicts
  • Achieve maximum transparency and visibility

Webinar run time: 14:35


Alexander Schächtele, Consulting Director

Alexander Schächtele

As Consulting Director, Alexander Schächtele is responsible for the implementation and consulting projects of multiple multinational corporates of different sizes. He holds a degree in Economics from Freiburg University and is a Certified Corporate Treasurer (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management). Before joining BELLIN in 2011, Alexander worked as a corporate tax and accounting specialist.

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