The BELLIN SAP integration: increased efficiency, security and ease-of-use for exchanging your data


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Don’t let wild speculation surrounding APIs and SAP S/4HANA get to you! The BELLIN treasury and banking system – available today and extremely easy to implement – takes your data exchange quality to the next level. This BELLIN TechWEBINAR demonstrates data processing to and from your system, including account statement and payments processing.

We know that there’s no better way to experience technology than in the actual application. This is why Karsten Kiefer, BELLIN SAP Integration Product Manager, walks you live through the new SAP integration and highlights the various benefits.

Main takeaways from this webinar

Learn and experience:

  • How the BELLIN SAP integration enables you to exchange data when processing account statements or payments
  • How API-based data exchange works
  • How you achieve maximum process control and data visibility and transparency
  • How API-based data exchange boosts security
  • How you can implement this solution with your IT
  • A live demo

Webinar run time: approx. 1h

Participating presenters

Karsten KieferKarsten Kiefer