Fee and Cost Reduction through a Centralized Netting Solution

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This webinar titled, “Fee and Cost Reduction through a Centralized Netting Solution,” highlights some of the critical fees and cost savings that multilateral netting can bring to corporations. Many companies are aware that netting helps reduce costs. But how and how much? This webinar highlights how intercompany netting enables your corporation to save money while boosting group-wide profitability.

Key learnings in this webinar include:

  • How to minimize FX and banking fees
  • Drastically reduce transaction volume
  • Eliminate redundant interest and reduce personnel costs

Webinar run time: 11:19


Matthias Hund, Consulting Director

Matthias Hund

Matthias Hund has been with BELLIN since 2012. As a Consulting Director, he’s mainly responsible for system implementation and process consulting projects.
Matthias Hund joined BELLIN from PWC’s Financial Services unit. He studied Business Administration in Ingolstadt and Mannheim and specialized in Finance and Accounting.

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