How Corporate Cash Management is Evolving


The Treasury & Risk 2019 Cash Management Survey yielded both expected and surprising results. In this webcast, Hung Nguyen, Director, Sales North America at BELLIN, and two other cash management thought leaders analyze some of the key findings and make predictions for 2020.

How is corporate cash management evolving? What trends can be observed when it comes to cash reserves and risk behavior? While corporate treasury functions are preparing to be subjected to even more clamor, external volatility, fraud, cybersecurity risk, regulatory demands, and talent and technology challenges in the year ahead, best practice strategies and powerful technological support are more important than ever.

Key learnings in this webinar include:

  • The impact of fears of an economic slowdown, Brexit, or uncertainty about the global trade environment on corporates’ cash reserves
  • How information solutions such as a TMS benefit working capital and cash positions
  • Which best practices can be adopted to be well prepared for 2020

Webinar run time: 59:22

Participating presenters

Hung Nguyen

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