How to optimize your payment processing security via administrative control


This webinar installment takes a deep dive into the need for a centralized payments platform that maintains a hyper-focus on security. Join in as we discuss, how the essential synergy between technical security specifications and administrative controls creates optimally safe and efficient processes.

Webinar run time: approx. 20 min


Katja Franz, Senior Treasury Consultant

Katja Franz

A graduate of International Business at Fachhochschule Trier and European Business & language at National College of Ireland, Katja Franz has a background in treasury and cash management that has spanned the globe. With experience in banking and reconciliation at Hertz Europe, cash and credit administration at State Street Bank, as payment implementation specialist for Bankhaus August Lenz and as freelance consultant, she has brought success to projects across banking and treasury.

At BELLIN Katja has brought her experience and her passion to the BELLIN treasury consulting team, focusing on treasury management software, project management and process optimization. She is a keen team player who is committed to her work and always eager to learn something new.

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