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COVID-19 is unprecedented and has hit the global business world hard. What’s worse, it appears here to stay and will continue to haunt businesses for a long time. While foreseeing or planning for such an enormous event is next to impossible, treasury management can play a pivotal role – not just to prepare businesses but also to head off the worst in today’s crisis. A TMS provides effective help.

How? This special webinar series addresses topical issues and answers some of your most pressing questions on how treasury management can support you against the backdrop of COVID-19.

Each webinar takes a closer look at the most crisis-relevant modules and shows you how BELLIN’s TMS can support you right now.

We’ll take a deep-dive into:

  • Cash management
  • Forecasting/planning
  • Financial instruments

All three modules are currently available for free.

Learn more about how we can help you master your current treasury challenges!

Webinar run time: 30 minutes

Participating presenters

Ivelina Gantcheva, Pre-Sales EMEA
Keith Raymond, VP, Sales North America

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