Verify your vendor payments and reduce fraud


According to the Global Fraud and Risk Report, “Mapping the New Risk Landscape,” published by Kroll in 2019, fraud by external parties (suppliers, vendors, business partnerships) was 28% globally, a 10% increase from last year.

Such fraudulent attacks can often be very expensive and time-consuming when they happen.

This webinar titled, “Verify your vendor payments and reduce fraud,” introduces and explains BELLIN’s vendor verification tool, which allows tm5 users to create centralized directories of verified or unverified vendors, suppliers, and payees. With the use of black and whitelists, you can prevent internal and external fraud.


Key learnings in this webinar include:

  • What is vendor verification?
  • Challenges and existing concerns
  • Main features and key benefits of a vendor verification tool

Webinar run time: 55:12


Nikolai Diekert, Director Product Management
Adrien Dumont, Product Manager

Nikolai Diekert is Director of the BELLIN Product Management Team and his focus is on ensuring BELLIN products meet current and future treasury management requirements. With his excellent problem-solving skills and extensive knowledge of financial markets, Nikolai has been a real asset ever since he joined the Product Management Team in the spring of 2017, coming from the BELLIN Advisory Team. He studied mathematics in Freiburg and Bordeaux and is a Certified Corporate Treasurer.

Adrien Dumont is a Product Manager at BELLIN and his focus is on ensuring BELLIN products meet current and future treasury management requirements. He joined the company in 2013 and has been contributing to tm5 software development as well as special developments. Having overseen various implementation projects in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and England, he has been concentrating his efforts on software development since 2015. Adrien is a Certified Corporate Treasurer and holds a degree in economics from Freiburg University.

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