Over 200 Years Combined Treasury Expertise

Started by treasurers for treasurers

Only a treasurer could create solutions loved by treasurers.

Over 200 years combined treasury expertise

Learn from our over 100 treasurers and treasury experts


  • tm5 as the system representative and SWIFT as the connecting network make up the perfect line-up for global payments.

    Josef Huber | Group Treasurer | Brückner Group GmbH


  •  “Treasurers are all-around managers. This can be a really interesting challenge – not least because of different cultural backgrounds.”

    Dieter Linke, Head of Treasury, GAZPROM Germania | GAZPROM Germania GmbH


  • "From a strategic point of view, we have a centralized setup with clear structures and decentralized responsibilities for day-to-day operations. This allows each entity to concentrate on their core business to maximum effect."

    Thomas A. Woelk | Head of Corporate Treaasury | Wacker Neuson SE


  • "With the introduction of tm5, the whole group has access to an integrated and holistic treasury platform for the very first time. Increased efficiency in connection with Cash Management and liquidity planning are real milestones for us, and we wouldn’t want to miss the advantages this brings us. Both headquarters and the individual subsidiaries benefit from smart processes and are able to save time."

    Julian Schmitt | Manager Treasury & Investor Relations | RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG


  • "We have been impressed that the basic functionality of tm5 successfully managed 95% of our treasury system requirements. The other 5% was seamlessly tailored by BELLIN in record time."

    Eugene Du Plessis | Group Treasurer | IZWE Loans


Over 15 years of treasury consulting experience

  • Innovative
  • Thought-leaders
  • Developing operational and organizational structures
  • Strategic
  • Treasurers
  • Selecting banking partners
  • Introducing cash pools
  • Enabling Successful Treasury
  • Innovative solutions
  • Pragmatic
  • Foreign exchange risk hedging strategies

Better treasury solutions require better treasury practices. That’s why we provide BELLIN treasury consultants, who share the knowledge, experience and technical expertise required to make your treasury more adaptable and connected.

Our consultants provide the treasury management models to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and reinvigorate your treasury.

Step up to treasury that moves you

Treasury management without limits

  • Proactive
  • Time-drive dispute management
  • Reconciliation of individual invoices
  • Group Wide
  • Contract Management
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Optimization of Intercompany Cash Flow
  • Value at Risk
  • Guarantees and Letters of Credit
  • Financial Status
  • Payments and Communication with Banks

We know treasury is a moving, changing, living part of your company – what is status quo one day is different the next. To manage it, you need a treasury management system that lets you take control, reduce risks, and does so seamlessly.

When a system for treasurers is made by treasurers that is what you get: an intuitive, flexible and connected treasury. It takes out the guesswork and lets treasurers excel. This is why tm5 is an international leader in advanced treasury software.

It’s time for transformation. It’s time for treasury that moves you.

We'll revolutionize your treasury

Designed to exceed your treasury management support needs.

  • Market Data
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting
  • Data centers in Switzerland and North America
  • SWIFT Connectivity
  • Treasury and technical experts
  • Own your data

Your treasury system should just work. With hosting options, SWIFT connectivity, market data and more, our services expand your treasury beyond the back office, providing the functionality and flexibility to make your treasury work for you.

Find out why treasurers world-wide trust BELLIN and tm5 with their treasury.

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