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BELLIN kicks off a new season of Webinars – open to the public and free of charge. The live shows shed light on current trends and topics in treasury, banking and payment processing, usually in English - unless the topics are mostly relevant for German-speaking countries. Dr. Teut Deese, Producer Online TV @BELLIN, will host the live shows with experts from BELLIN and their partners. A live chat with audience questions will conclude each broadcast.

BELLIN's Webinars offer expert insight into the treasury world's most interesting aspects and current topics. Live. Simply tune into our chat!

Webinar BELLIN SWIFT Brückner – A game plan for a successful treasury match

June 1, 2017, 16:00 CET


Karsten Kiefer - Product Management | BELLIN

Mathias Schotte - Senior Sales Manager Corporate & Asset Management Clients | SWIFT

Josef Huber - Group Treasurer | Brückner


Imagine fully integrating the transmission of payments, account statements, even letters of credit and guarantees into your treasury system – all with the click of a button! The BELLIN SWIFT Service connects tm5 users directly to the SWIFT SCORE network, facilitating communication with all participating banks. This webinar tells the story of a successful onboarding of the BELLIN SWIFT service, featuring experts from both companies as well as the group treasurer of the Brückner Group, who successfully implemented a variety of services via the BELLIN SWIFT connection.  

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