With tm5 we don't implement a system, we implement solutions, with software tailored to your company's needs.

Before beginning the implementation process, we work closely with you to prepare new strategies and solutions, tailored to your treasury environment. Beginning with an effective project plan that includes internal and external resource requirements, as well as your needs and expectations, we develop tailored implementations leveraging tm5's modular nature.

The major benefit in collaborating with BELLIN is our combination of treasury knowledge and system development expertise. With a thorough understanding of your processes, requirements, and your options in tm5, our consultants can deliver an efficient and optimized implementation across your corporate group.


  • Creation of functional specifications for system implementation and configuration
  • Management of the implementation project from beginning to end
  • Documentation required for audit and compliance purposes
  • Creation of training manuals and workflow documentation
  • Development of special features and customized requirements
  • Extension of your treasury department through short- to medium-term deployment of our specialized consultants