Corporate Independence

Expert View with Martin Bellin | FX-MM | | Sep 2017

In this Expert View article in FX-MM's Intelligent Treasury Special Report, Martin Bellin shares his insights on how technology is revolutionizing treasury management and helping corporates achieve independence from banks. 


Building a virtual network

Sebastian Niemeyer | TreasuryToday | Sep 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer outlines the new virtual network bank concept developed by BELLIN and explains how the solution enables BELLIN’s customers to identify suitable banking partners and set up relationships with participating banks in a streamlined and standardized way.


What do you want from your TMS supplier's web-site?

Jack Large | CTMfile | Aug 2017

“It’s Treasurytainment.” on CTMfile (Cash & Treasury Management file –  Source for information, analysis & comment): under the headline “What do you want from your TMS supplier’s web-site?”, Jack Large takes a look at the BELLIN website and its “comprehensive coverage”.


Fraud bad news keeps on coming: the simple structures and processes to protect you

Jack Large | CTMfile | Aug 2017

In his newsletter Jack Large explains how simple structures and processes can protect corporates against cybercrime and fraud and refers to our video on BELLIN TV "Curing the digital disease: How to outwit cybercrime."


Executive Interview with Martin Bellin

tmi | Jul 2017

In this interview with Helen Sanders, Editor, Martin discusses the issue of security, which has become front of mind for corporate treasurers and finance managers globally.


The Power of the Network

Martin Bellin | The Treasurer | May 2017

In this article, Martin Bellin shares his vision for the future of treasury that includes social media as a collaboration tool.


New Avenues for the Future of Treasury

Martin Bellin | CEO Insight | May 2017

Martin Bellin shares his insight on a variety of topics influencing the future of treasury including: digitization and automation, efficiency gains and outsourcing, the importance of group-wide networks, regulations,  new technologies and ultimately building the treasury of tomorrow.


CEO Insight Interview with Martin Bellin

CEO Insight | May 2017

In this interview, Martin BELLIN discusses how BELLIN is championing innovation in treasury, the meaning of “Heimat” and how that translates at BELLIN, the emergence of “social treasury,” and how technology is simply the means to an end in Treasury.


The modern treasury network

Interview with Martin BELLIN | FX-MM | Apr 2017

FX-MM published an expert view with Martin Bellin about how treasury will develop in the future. The transformation of treasury towards a network of people who are going to interchange information, experience and knowledge takes center stage.


In-House Banks: Staying in control

Interview with Martin Bellin | FX-MM | Mar 2017

In this article published by FX-MM, Martin Bellin shares his thoughts on best practice in-house banking.


Unique treasury solutions

Interview with Martin Bellin | The European | Jan 2017

The European interviewed Martin Bellin about how he started his company and the key differentiators of BELLIN's services and solutions.


Sustainable Treasury Thanks to KPIs

Article by Nancy Bredin | CEO Insight | Jan 2017

Nancy Bredin has written an article about how the right KPIs can improve the performance of treasury management. The article was published by the magazin "CEO Insight."


From Treasury Vision to Treasury Mission

Martin Bellin | Business Worldwide | Nov 2016

It has been nearly 20 years since Martin Bellin founded BELLIN in 1998. Today, the group is the global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations and inspires more than 15,000 companies with over 25,000 users in 150+ countries. Modern, web-based...


Treasurers Can’t Pass The Compliance Buck To Banks

Interview with Martin Bellin | PYMNTS B2B Newsletter | Nov 2016

PYMNTS B2B Newsletter has written an article on the partnership of BELLIN and Accuity and published an interview with Martin Bellin about compliance and security in treasury.


The Future of Treasury Management Systems

With Martin Bellin | Virtual Roundtable FX-MM | Oct 2016

FX-MM brings together leading industry experts to discuss the future of Treasury Management Systems (TMS) and examine how technology is enabling Treasurers to ditch the data gathering and take on a more strategic role within their organisations. Our panel examines how technology is also helping to...

BELLIN: Two-Fold Approach to Strategic Treasury

Beate Haumesser, CEO Insight | Sep 2016

Treasurers are under increasing pressure to support global growth strategy and objectives. BELLIN’s response to these developments unfold in wider ranging business issues such as compliance, risk, analytics, corporate development, forecasting, and capital strategythese ist two-fold: the concept of...

Sponsor Interview

Martin Bellin | TreasuryToday Guide to Digitization Handbook | Sep 2016

The age of innovation in corporate treasury has promised many things, most notably the ability to streamline and automate processes, driving efficiency across the business and allowing treasurers to better fulfil their strategic mandate. But sometimes there is no need to reinvent the  wheel, and...

A treasured Relationship

Martin Bellin, EuropeanCEO | Aug 2016

Treasurers are too often wasted on data collection. Simplifying subsidiary relations through a centralised system is the best way to ease the reporting burden and involve the treasury department on a strategic level, writes Martin Bellin, CEO of BELLIN Group

My Life in Treasury - Royston Da Costa

Royston Da Costa, Group Assistant Treasurer with our client Wolseley, tmi | Jul 2016

Royston Da Costa,who has built up many years of treasury experience with international businesses, published a very well-received article in "tmi" on the treasury technology transformation in which Wolseley has been engaged, updating readers on progress since his previous article in 2013. In this...

Driving transformation

About our client Reall, The Treasurer | May 2016

The past few years have been good to Reall. Previously Homeless International, in 2014 the charity rebranded and relaunched, shifting its business model from a development charity funded by grats to a social enterprise. Using a business-focused model to provide philanthropic support to its partner...